Volunteers are an integral part of Opportunity International Australia and we are so grateful for every person who donates their time, skills and expertise to help families out of poverty. While volunteering, you’ll gain valuable on-the-job training and an understanding of how organisations like Opportunity operate. Join us to have an impact while building skills and experience for your future.

    Volunteer Internships are one form of volunteering which provide a more structured, time-bound program. Intakes occur three times a year (March, July and November) and require a commitment of 3-5 days per week (dependent on the role) for 19 weeks.

    All volunteers are unpaid and, unless otherwise indicated, are based in our Sydney CBD office.

    Why Apply

    • You’ll be using your time and skills to have a direct impact on the lives of families living in poverty
    • You’ll work within a great team and build your experience while working on interesting projects
    • You’ll receive on-the-job training and gain an understanding of how a fundraising and development organisation operates
    • You’ll highlight your initiative and commitment to future employers
    • You’ll meet like-minded people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

    Who can apply?

    Opportunity welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds. We recruit based on skills and an interest in microfinance, poverty alleviation and development.

    We look for individuals who are:

    • Keen on tackling challenges head on
    • Excited to work hard and learn a lot
    • Independent and self-motivated
    • Passionate achievers
    • Genuine team players who will uphold and operate with our core values.

    Please note: overseas applicants are required to have an appropriate visa that allows you to work and reside in Australia. Although all volunteers are unpaid and participate on a voluntary basis, tourist visas are not sufficient. Overseas applicants should contact the Australian Department of Immigration for further information on visas as Opportunity is not able to offer immigration advice.

    Opportunity is not able to provide volunteers with:

    • Monetary allowances or remuneration
    • Accommodation or accommodation allowances
    • Travel allowances
    • Assistance in organising visas.