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Your ImpactEducating Future Leaders
in Ghana

1 in 2
young people in Ghana do not have a job
young people in the final year of their apprenticeship
graduates passed the National Vocational Training Institute Examination

As at June 2018

For young people in Ghana, jobs can be extremely hard to find. While the proportion of young people completing secondary school has increased, the number of jobs available hasn’t grown at the same rate. This leaves hundreds of thousands jobless and struggling to make ends meet.

Unemployment among young people in Ghana leaves millions excluded from financial security each year. Without a job, they are unable to meet their basic needs – like food, water and shelter – and remain at greater risk of preventable diseases like diarrhoea and HIV/AIDs.

Your generous support is changing this.

Through the Youth Apprenticeship Program, your giving is providing young people with the opportunity to transform their lives.

See how the Youth Apprenticeship Program solution empowers Ghana's youth to become the leaders of tomorrow by learning to trade, securing an income and beginning their journey out of poverty.

Your Latest Update

Two years ago, 50 young people began their apprenticeships. As they enter their third and final year, so far only one apprentice has left the program – this is the highest retention rate for a group of apprentices in the program's 15 years.


In addition to the on-the-job trade skills they're learning from their trade masters, apprentices are benefitting from regular workshops covering useful business and life skills. The trade masters can see the difference these workshops make – reporting their YAP apprentices are more reliable and goal-oriented than their regular apprentices.

Seeing the apprentices at regular intervals, the workshop facilitators are well-placed to report on changes in the young people over the course of their apprenticeship too:

This is the fourth workshop I've delivered to this group of apprentices. I've experienced tremendous change in the youth – now they are much more confident and open.

Mr Eric Sakah, Business Management facilitator


Early next year the apprentices will sit their final examination to receive accreditation from the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI). Preparation has already begun, with a trial examination held a year out to ensure the apprentices understand what is expected, and where they need to improve their skills. After the trial exams, trade masters spent a day with each apprentice to go through their results and develop plans to work on areas of concern over the next twelve months.


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Diana in the tailoring workshop

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Evelyn at her Trade Master's workshop

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