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stopping violence
against womenin India

Every 3 minutes
a violent crime is committed
against a woman in India
women and girls educated with Operation PeaceMaker
cases of domestic violence handled

As at June 2018

Every day, Opportunity works with over five million women living in the Asia region, investing in mothers with small loans to create community transformation. But when these women continue to face violence in their homes and communities, the transformation is hindered. India is one of the worst four countries in the world in terms of frequency and severity of violence against women. Here, Opportunity works with over three million women and it is here that we are working to end the violence.

Your generous support is giving women and girls the choice to live lives free from violence, abuse and exploitation.

With our program partner, My Choices Foundation, Opportunity is working to stop domestic violence with Operation PeaceMaker.


This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

Program Updates

Your latest update

Prevention focus sees surge in cases reported

Following our increasing focus on prevention and awareness programs, there has been a surge in reporting of child sexual abuse cases to Operation PeaceMaker's counselling centres. In response, we've strengthened our relationships with the agencies dealing with these cases, and now play a vital role in pursuing cases as well as guiding and supporting families and children through the necessary process.

Empowering teens

One of these prevention initiatives is the Shakti program. In June we celebrated the graduation of 73 girls from Shakti – a year-long mentorship program empowering teenagers to take control of their own safety, and impact the community around them. Participants become part of a peer support network where they learn how to avoid risks, such as child marriage, and share their struggles. Through Shakti girls are equipped to continue their education, recognise and address dangerous situations and negotiate life choices for themselves. Beyond keeping themselves safe, girls are supported to articulate their aspirations and take steps towards achieving their life goals.

We know that preventing violence is best, vitally the Shakti program helps teenage girls live safer, happier lives free from violence.

Your past updates

March 2018

Hear from Women


New Maheshwari's Story

As a PeaceMaker, Maheshwari is making change in her own life and the lives of others.

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Meet Bilqus

Today, Bilqus is a strong, independent woman running her own business, raising her three children as a single mother – and a PeaceMaker in her community.

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Salma’s Story

For Salma, becoming a PeaceMaker not only meant that she was able to help her community, but also her own family.

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How You're Ending Violence

Operation PeaceMaker

Three out of every four women who are abused not only never seek help, but in fact rarely even speak to anyone about the abuse they are facing. The PeaceMaker is the most effective option for reaching women and encouraging them to access help.

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Program partner: My Choices Foundation

Opportunity's program partner My Choices Foundation was born from the desire to see families become the focus of prevention and transformation of the most pervasive and intractable forms of injustice against women and girls – domestic violence and human trafficking.

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