COVID-19 has devastated vulnerable communities around the world.

COVID-19 Rebuild Appeal


COVID-19 has devastated vulnerable communities around the world... But you can help families rebuild in the aftermath.

The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated the lives of many families in vulnerable communities around the world. Past lockdowns have meant they have not been able to run the small businesses they rely on to provide for their basic needs. And in some countries like India, they are battling devastating second waves.

Despite record caseloads and deaths, many of these communities cannot afford to go into lockdown again – the threat of economic devastation, poverty and starvation is too high. They need to begin rebuilding, and they need to do it now.


For many communities, COVID-19 has had the same impact on them as a natural disaster or war. They have lost businesses and loved ones, and many don’t know how, or if, they will eat today.

Just like with a community that has been devastated by natural disaster or war, it’s what happens in the aftermath that dictates the future. With no certain end to this pandemic, that time must begin now. We must help families rebuild.

By helping provide small loans, you can help families prepare to kickstart their businesses and begin to restore their livelihoods. You can help them not just survive, but rebuild for a future beyond COVID-19.

With a small loan, Mondeng in Indonesia could buy ingredients to start making shrimp paste again. In India, Sindhu and Sikander could have their auto-rickshaw repaired. With their businesses back in operation and their incomes restored, families can once again afford regular meals, clean water, and medicine equipping them to better survive the uncertainties of this pandemic.

Please, this end of financial year, can you help families in desperate need begin to rebuild after COVID-19?



For the past year, families in some of the most vulnerable communities have been forced to go without food, education and medical care.

  • The number of people on the brink of starvation has doubled to 265 million.
  • The UN has noted that “virus-linked hunger has led to the deaths of 10,000 more children a month over the first year of the pandemic”.
  • With schools closed, more than 1 billion children were ‘locked out’ of school throughout 2020. Now, even with partial re-openings, some 24 million students are at risk of never returning, especially girls – with many engaged in child labour or child marriage instead of learning.
  • The World Bank estimates that COVID-19 is likely to have pushed between 119 and 124 million people into extreme poverty in 2020. This is unprecedented – for the first time in 20 years, global poverty is increasing.



We want to immediately get our auto-rickshaw repaired to be able to restart our livelihood. It will cost Rs.25,000 (A$438) and will take one month. For one month we should have enough stock of food with us. My only wish is to get our work started at the earliest,” says Sindhu.

Location: Nagpur in Maharashtra, India
Business: Driving an auto-rickshaw taxi

Sindhu, her husband Sikander and their five daughters are riding out COVID-19 in small, two-room home in a crowded area of Maharashtra – one of the worst COVID-19 hotspots in India. At its peak, Maharashtra has had more COVID-19 cases in a single day than Australia has had total. The girls have been unable to attend school and fear in the state has been high. Strict lockdowns have meant Sikander had no way of operating his auto-rickshaw taxi business to provide for the family. Having sat idle for so long, the rickshaw now needs repairing before the family can start earning again.

When lockdowns lift in Nagpur, Sindhu and Sikander will look to kickstart their business as soon as possible.


I don’t have supplies,” says Mondeng. As markets in her area reopen, a small loan will enable Mondeng to buy fresh ingredients to make her famous shrimp paste once more.

Location: Makassar in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Business: Making shrimp paste

The markets where Mondeng sells her shrimp paste closed with the onset of COVID-19 in the area, leaving her with nowhere to sell. “It had a great impact on the village when the lockdown hit, many people didn’t know what to do. Facilities were very difficult to access – information from village leaders was that people weren’t to leave the house.” For months, Mondeng and her family have survived on just Rp.10,000 (A$0.90) a day. “Whatever the conditions, I have to continue,” she says.



Your donation helps Opportunity reach out to families in poverty affected by COVID-19.


We provide loans to families to help them grow their own businesses.

STEP 3  

With the regular income the businesses earn, families no longer have to go without food, shelter, medicine or education as schools reopen.


Each loan is repaid and recycled to help more and more families rebuild after COVID-19.

Please, this end of financial year, can you help families in desperate need rebuild after COVID-19?