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Where We Work China

More than half China’s population lives in rural areas, where poverty levels are significantly higher than in urban areas. China is still home to hundreds of millions of people living in poverty.

China is a global economic superpower that has made incredible strides to alleviating poverty in the last decade, halving the number of its population living in extreme poverty. Despite this, there’s still considerable poverty in rural areas where 1 in 11 people live below the poverty line (UN).

A rapidly urbanising workforce has seen a large number of people move to major cities in search of jobs. Such migration means that huge numbers of women and children are being left behind. Other less mobile people, such as the elderly or those with a disability, are also left to fend for themselves, with no significant welfare system for support.

To overcome this, Opportunity is currently providing loans to 1,020 entrepreneurs in rural China so they can create jobs for the marginalised members of their communities, helping them to earn regular incomes and provide for their families.

Supporters like you are transforming lives in China through:

  • Employment with local businesses
  • Training to help families build sustainable businesses and manage their income
  • Microinsurance to help families deal with unexpected challenges like the death of a loved one or illness.

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