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Where We Work Philippines

Nearly half the Philippines population lives in poverty, unable to afford the most basic needs of food, clean water, safe shelter and schooling.

Even though the Philippines has experienced high economic growth in the past decade, many families who call it home remain unable to benefit from these changes. Half the country’s 100 million residents live in poverty (World Bank), unable to afford the most basic needs of food, clean water, safe shelter and schooling.

Poverty is particularly high in rural areas which are home to eight out of 10 poor Filipinos (International Fund for Agricultural Development). A full education is rare and, with no safety net, frequent natural disasters trap families in a cycle of poverty. In their search for opportunities, many families move to big cities, where they cram into urban slums where makeshift shelter, inadequate sanitation and illness are an everyday part of life.

By giving families the tools to start their own small businesses, you can help them rewrite their futures.

Supporters like you are helping give a hand up to 483,475 families in the Philippines through:

  • Small loans to help them start their own businesses and earn regular incomes
  • Training to help them run their businesses successfully
  • Savings to keep their earnings secure
  • Remittances to help migrant workers send much-needed funds to their families
  • Microinsurance to help families deal with unexpected challenges like the death of a loved one or illness
  • Rural outreach to empower families in the most isolated villages.

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