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Stories Panchratni

Panchratni was unable to feed her children regular meals until she saw the possibility of receiving a small loan in India.

City: Jamodhi
Country: India
Loan Use: Bought buffaloes to milk and use in farming

For many families in the poverty-stricken Jamodhi village in Bihar, Northern India, making ends meet can be an immense struggle.

Opportunity International Client Panchratni

Panchratni and her family were relying on the sole income of her husband Ajay’s work in the fields, but it wasn’t enough to feed their children regular meals. When Panchratni learned about the possibility of receiving a small loan, she saw the chance to transform her family’s future.

With a loan of Rs.8.000 (A$149) she purchased some buffaloes, using the livestock in the field to farm rice and wheat. She also milked them, understanding that she could sell the milk for an additional income.

Opportunity International Client Panchratni

Life has now changed immensely for Panchratni and her six children; “We have been able to feed our children and also eat ourselves!” she says. Now earning between Rs.500-1,000 (A$9.40-A$18.70) a day, she has even been able to use her income to start up a savings and pension account.

Panchratni is excited that she is able to help her children receive a good education. “I want my children to study so they can decide what they want to do. One of my daughters, Kajal, wants to be a teacher.”

Mothers want what’s best for their families. Your donation helps other mothers like Panchratni transform their families’ lives for the better and provide their children with the opportunity to receive a good education.

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