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About Us Microfinance

Microfinance is about providing people living in poverty with a hand up. Learn how you can create sustainable transformation in developing communities.

For mothers like Lea (pictured), poverty is a reality they know all too well. In developing countries, poverty can affect every aspect of a family’s life: mealtimes – struggling to find enough to eat; school days – not being able to give your children an education; bedtime – getting sick from sleeping on the cold floor because there’s no proper bed to sleep in.

Microfinance is all about providing people living in poverty with a hand up.

By providing small loans to families through Opportunity International Australia, you can help them leave poverty behind.

With a gift of $70 to buy a sewing machine or seeds to plant a vegetable farm, families are able to start their own business and transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.

And with 98% of loans repaid and recycled, more and more families are helped.

By giving families like Lea’s the tools they need to transform their lives, microfinance is a sustainable solution to poverty, creating a ripple effect that will continue for generations to come.

  • Small loans help families start their own small businesses and earn regular incomes
  • Savings accounts provide a secure way to save for the future
  • Microinsurance protects against emergencies
  • Remittances help families living apart access much-needed funds
  • Micropensions provide a form of livelihood in old age.

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