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GPO Box 4487
Sydney NSW 2001 , Level 4, 220 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone: 1800 812 164

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Opportunity Ambassadors are passionate people from across Australia who are committed to giving families in need a hand up through small loans. They fundraise to help families leave poverty behind and advocate to encourage others to get involved, too.

Opportunity International Ambassadors

In 2016-17 Ambassadors have a goal to help 9,288 families out of poverty. 

They do this by:

  • Inspiring others about the power of a small loan in transforming lives
  • Donating as a demonstration of commitment
  • Introducing networks to Opportunity’s work
  • Creatively fundraising
  • Sharing skills and expertise
  • Working with other Ambassadors on joint projects
  • Experiencing the reciprocity of giving throughout the journey.

Opportunity International Ambassadors

Keen to get involved?

  1. Send an email to – and we’ll be in touch to connectyou with your local representative.
  2. Choose your Ambassador journey.
  3. We'll be in touch to prepare you for the ride!

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Opportunity International Ambassadors

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