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stopping injustice
against girlsin India

Every 3 minutes
a girl in India
is sold into sex slavery
people reached with knowledge and tools to prevent trafficking

As at June 2018

Operation Red Alert aims to end sex trafficking in India by 2025 by filling the biggest gap in the existing response – prevention – through three pillars: expose, empower and eradicate. Poor village girls are typically targeted, with promises of schooling, jobs or marriage. Parents do not have the means or knowledge to know better.

Your generous support is giving communities – fathers, mothers, sons and daughters – the knowledge and tools to prevent trafficking, so girls can live lives free from violence, abuse and exploitation.

With our program partner, My Choices Foundation, Opportunity is working to end trafficking and stop violence against women and girls in India.


This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

Program Updates

Your latest update

To June 2018, your support for Red Alert has helped 1,945 communities participate in the Safe Village Program – reaching 1,139,140 people with knowledge and tools to prevent girls from being trafficked.


Creating Safe Villages

Operation Red Alert's mission is to create safe villages by putting communities on red alert. Core to the program are two days of training in communities, with content specifically equipping Good Fathers, Informed Mothers, Cool Boys and Guardian Girls.

For example, Guardian Girls pledge to be on red alert for themselves and other girls in their communities.

Targeting At-risk Villages

Fundamental to Red Alert's strategy is preventing trafficking in India at the source – vulnerable families in rural communities. But with over 600,000 villages across India we have to prioritise where to bring Safe Village education first. 

Technology has helped Operation Red Alert create a strategic approach to preventing human trafficking in India. Without it, prevention is a guessing game. With it, prevention efforts translate into real lives saved.

With big data analytics, we're prioritising trafficking hot spots. Red Alert's mapping tool, built by Quantium, brings together a growing number of data sets from national and regional bodies to identify where girls are most at-risk. Analysing this data, Red Alert can prioritise delivering Safe Village Programs in these communities.

Stories from Safe Villages

Red Alert's prevention focus includes educating communities across India

An Army of Good Fathers: Meet Saidul

Saidul believed he was providing his 16-year-old daughter a good future when he planned her marriage to an older man from New Delhi. He had no idea the man was a trafficker.

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Program partner: My Choices Foundation

Opportunity's program partner My Choices Foundation was born from the desire to see families become the focus of prevention and transformation of the most pervasive and intractable forms of injustice against women and girls – domestic violence and human trafficking.

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