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World news on poverty – learn about innovative global initiatives that are empowering people in developing countries and changing the world.

Violence against women is in everyone’s backyard.…

by Hannah Surabhi

My parents are American, but I was born and grew up in India. India is home, I love this country. As a woman living in India, however, I’m acutely aware of the gender issues that prevail in this country.…

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Violence against women isn’t a women’s rights issue,…

by Elca Grobler

Violence against women isn’t a women’s rights issue, it’s a human rights issue. More women are killed each year by domestic violence than by malaria, war and accidents combined. I’m driven by a…

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How giving women in developing countries sustainable…

by Opportunity International Australia

pportunity International Australia says the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25 November and the United Nation’s 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, put…

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How entrepreneurs in developing countries are getting…

by Chris Murdoch

The year 2000 was momentous. My daughter Isobel was born and with 2 billion children in the world, it was a year in which we were close to ‘peak child.’ Between 2000 and 2017, millions of children…

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On World Toilet Day let’s end women’s daily search…

by Liz Henderson

In my early 20’s I taught science and maths to teenagers in the Kalahari Desert. My village was two-day’s drive along a sandy track to the nearest town. Whenever I travelled into town and we had a…

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Can you imagine living without a toilet?

by Mukti Bosco

Having a toilet in your home is something taken for granted in Australia and many middle class and wealthy homes in India. But it’s not the norm everywhere, especially in India where it becomes more…

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An Opportunity to End Global Poverty

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Why does India have such a high rate of missed calls?

by Chris Murdoch

I’m fascinated by how families use mobile phones In India. India is one of the largest markets for missed calls - people don’t answer calls so there won’t be any call costs. So, mobile phones are…

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Families in Australia can help families in developing…

by Kirsty Munro

Having a global focus is important. We all need to think beyond our own circumstances to raise awareness about families in developing countries who struggle just to survive. Struggle to feed their children.…

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Robert Dunn interview with Matt Prater on HistoryMakers

Inspiring interview with Robert Dunn, Global Executive Director Opportunity International about some of the amazing women he has met in developing countries who are using small loans to build businesses…

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