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Invest in a Mother this Mother’s Day

By Opportunity International Australia

Mothers all around the world strive to provide the best for their children. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we want to honour the hard work of mothers like Myrna (pictured) who endeavour to provide nutritious meals and safe shelter for their children. We also want to acknowledge how the generous support of people like you allows mothers living in poverty to fulfil their dreams of giving their children happy and healthy lives.

Myrna is a mother living in the Philippines who was born into poor economic conditions and forced to leave school at 16. She hoped to give her three-year-old daughter Patricia a better life than the one she lived, but only earning Php.33 a day (A$0.75), Myrna struggled to afford enough food for her family.

“I could not afford to buy enough milk or nappies for my daughter,” she says.

Thanks to the support of someone like you, Myrna was able to use a small loan to buy seeds and tools to start a vegetable farm. Myrna’s hard work has given her hope for a brighter future. Working alongside her husband from 5am to 8pm, she is now able to earn enough money to buy milk for Patricia and even a few toys. These may be simple things to us, but they show just how far Myrna’s family has come.

Myrna, Opportunity International Client

Myrna plans to continue to expand her garden and plant more vegetables to achieve a healthier and more stable business. The loan has meant she has hope that her daughter can grow up to live a life where nutritious meals and a proper education are a reality – a life very different to the one Myrna experienced.

You can invest in a mother like Myrna this Mother’s Day so that she can transform her children’s lives – donate here today! And watch the video below to see just how powerful your support can be.

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