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4 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams

By Suzzanne Laidlaw
"Words can inspire, thoughts can provoke, but only action truly brings you closer to your dreams." Brad Sugars, Founder of ActionCOACH

While we can talk about our dreams endlessly, only the simple act of doing will bring us closer to achieving them.

With a razor-sharp vision, a strong plan and the motivation to take charge of our time, taking small steps will help us to realise our dreams.

But how can we gain the clarity and focus needed to break down big dreams into small actions?

One approach suggested by Opportunity International Australia Ambassador and business coach, Suzzanne Laidlaw, divides the process into four steps:

Success starts with our DREAMS

Dreams are the end results we want to see. They can be big, like starting a business or reducing global poverty, or something simple, like exercising more.

Dreams then become GOALS

Goals are important for gaining clarity and focus. They need to be specific, they need to be measurable and they need to have a timeline. We may have five years, three years, one year, 90 days or monthly goals. Whatever the length, it is important to have a time frame so we can see we are on track.

To achieve a goal, we must have a PLAN

What is the plan of attack? How are you going to achieve your goals?

Creating a plan is like using Google Maps – we keep an eye on the long-term destination but focus on the little things we can do now to get us there.

And this is where ACTIONS really count

Actions are the Who? What? When? Why? And How?

We often have the goals and the dreams but we forget to put time in our diaries to actually go out and achieve them.

This is where we must ask ourselves - what are the small steps we can take now, to move forward and gain momentum in achieving our dreams?

Just like us living in Australia, women in developing countries have dreams. They dream of educating their children and they dream of the empowerment that comes with a steady income, allowing them to provide food and safe shelter for their family. But women living in poverty often need a hand up to realise their dreams.

We might ask ourselves: how can I, as just one person, help a woman in a developing country to realise her dreams? It’s simpler than we think. A small gift of $70 can provide one woman living in poverty with a small loan. With this loan, she can grow a business, earn a regular income, buy food and send her children to school. A loan has a lasting impact on the life of a woman, her family and her community.

Opportunity loan recipient and basket weaver, Ngatiyuen.

The dream of poverty alleviation may seem daunting, but when people like us take action, progress is made and the dreams of women in developing countries to free themselves from poverty become more and more achievable. Suzzanne Laidlaw will be exploring ‘4 Steps to Achieving Your Dreams’ at the Opportunity Women4Women Conference in Perth on 13 May. The details are:

Opportunity Women4Women Conference
DATE: Saturday 13 May 2017
TIME: 9am-3pm
WHERE: The Platform, Level 3, 256 Adelaide Terrace, Perth

TO REGISTER click here.

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