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An Educated Difference

By Opportunity International Australia

Madhuri and her children

On a road in Nagpur, India, Madhuri walks her children to school in their freshly pressed school uniforms, large backpacks engulfing their tiny frames. Ria (4) and Yesh (5) are two of the only children in the area able to attend the community school—many parents can’t afford to send their children anywhere other than the poorly resourced local public school, particularly at so young an age. But Madhuri has always wanted her children to receive a quality education, and, with your support, Opportunity’s school fee loans have made this possible.

Madhuri and her husband Ajay married for love, and are determined their children will have every opportunity to live the lives they choose. Both parents work very long hours—Madhuri in her sewing business and Ajay seven days a week in a factory, as well as a night watchman after hours.

But the family still struggled to afford regular meals and the rent on their tiny basement home. They squirrelled away every spare rupee, hoping to save enough to pay for the tuition and uniform costs that every school—public, community or private—required. The large sums due at the beginning of each school year used to fill them with dread.

But news of the Opportunity school fee loan brought hope. Madhuri and Ajay excitedly applied and were accepted. The loan immediately made school fees manageable, with only small instalments due each week as opposed to a lump sum required at the start of the school year.


Madhuri walks her children to school
Madhuri and Ajay make it a priority to pay their loan repayments every week—they’re determined to take out another school fee loan next year, and one after that.

Ria and Yesh love learning the alphabet in their kindergarten. Yesh loves playing cricket and dreams of becoming a policeman when he grows up.

Madhuri used to worry about how they would afford to pay for him to stay in school long enough to achieve his dream. She doesn’t worry about that any longer—thanks to the giving of someone like you.

With a hand up in the form of school fee loans, Ria and Yesh now have the chance to learn to read and write, to study in their chosen fields, to break free from the cycle of poverty and to live out their dreams—as policemen, lawyers, doctors or artisans—whatever careers they dream of.

And with each school fee loan that is repaid and recycled, other families are given the opportunity to afford the education that will rewrite their children’s futures.

School fee loans give parents the opportunity to send their children to school without having to pay school fees in one lump sum. Your gift can help parents give their children the education they need to leave poverty behind. Join us today by donating online:

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