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Fishing for Success

By Opportunity International Australia

Oktavin and her daughter, Natalia. Photo: Sara Bolst

Opportunity is now reaching 1,000,000 people in Indonesia with life-changing small loans. This has grown from only 30,000 people just six years ago – a testament to the commitment of our partners, the vision of our team, and the giving of our valued supporters like you.

It’s life-changing for women like Oktavin.

Oktavin met her husband Abraham, a Rote native, on her home island of Dao. He had come to the island to sell vegetables, which Oktavin found herself buying much more frequently after his arrival. They soon married, started a family, and moved back to Rote Island, where the couple sold fish at the nearby market to support the family.

But the money from selling fish wasn’t enough to cover the needs of their five children, so Oktavin came up with a new idea: a grilled fish stall.

Using a loan from Opportunity's local partner TLM, Oktavin built a stall near the road and purchased the supplies she needed to start her dream business. There’s no other stall like this in the area, and Oktavin has many customers from mid-morning until late at night. She prepares the fish using her own spice recipe and cooks it on demand over a small grill set up near the road. The profits are much higher than what they used to be from selling fish alone, and the daily income is more consistent than fluctuating income that Abraham earns in the paddy fields.

The increased funds have allowed them to send their children to school, and their second daughter is now studying English at university. Oktavin’s dreams are to support all of her children this way, including her youngest – two-year-old Natalia.

When asked about her hopes for the future, her thoughts are only for her children. “I hope they can grow up to be successful,” she says.

Oktavin’s dreams for her children are common. Many other parents in Indonesia long for the chance to send their children to quality schools to receive the education they themselves never received.

Simon Lynch, Community Development and Indonesia Director, sees the impact small loans have on families first-hand.

When you give a woman in Indonesia a small loan, you’re not just investing in her business,” he says. “You’re investing in her. With an income, and with confidence, she can reach her potential and create opportunities for her whole family.”

It’s investments like these that will help break the poverty cycle once and for all.

Opportunity's work in Indonesia is supported by the Australian Government. Learn more about the impact your giving has made this year through our latest Impact Reports.

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