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Making a Flavourful Impact: Meet AYAM

By Opportunity International Australia

"We believe it’s important that we contribute towards putting an end to poverty.”

We love having iconic Asian food brand AYAM™ support our Great Australian Curry campaign. We asked AYAM’s™ Linda Pipolo why it’s so important to them.

Staff at AYAM™ hosting their workplace curry feast in support of Opportunity's Great Australian Curry campaign. Photo: supplied.

Why did you choose to support the Great Australian Curry campaign?

For us, the Great Australian Curry campaign is a great opportunity to not only bond over delicious curries, but also get behind a cause that holds near and dear to our hearts.
Asia is a region renowned for its many brilliant, flavourful curries and as a company founded within this region, we’ve had close attachment to Malaysia and Thailand from which a majority of our products are made.

From humble beginnings in Singapore, AYAM™ has thrived in Asia and we feel the need to give back through the way we know best! Through food and fundraising!

This is the second year you’ve supported the Great Australian Curry, what drew you back?

The people, the food, and most importantly the impact we made is what drew us back to the Great Australian Curry. Last year we helped raise awareness by running a joint social media hamper competition with Opportunity International Australia which drove approximately 550 entries and contributed to the campaign’s $34,000 revenue. That’s enough to help 486 families break the cycle of poverty and we hope to increase that number this year!

Helping families break free from the cycle of poverty is fundamental to Opportunity’s purpose. Why is that important for Ayam?

Curry, whether it be in its spiciest or mildest form, is just meant to be shared. It’s concerning that those living in poverty in Asia might not be able to access food and other basic necessities that we take for granted. Through our existing non-profit work, we’ve provided more than 3 million healthy meals to 421 charitable homes in Malaysia and we hope to contribute more towards ending the cycle of poverty through our contributions to Opportunity’s Great Australian Curry. At AYAM™ we believe it’s important that we contribute towards putting an end to poverty, so that everyone has the opportunity to share a hearty pot of curry with family, friends and colleagues.

How important is it for companies like Ayam to support organisations like Opportunity?

It’s more than raising awareness. It’s important that companies like AYAM™ support organisation like Opportunity International Australia to not only build reputation but collaborate and help make a difference to the lives of millions experiencing poverty around the world.

What’s the feeling like around the Ayam office? Is everyone excited to be part of the Great Australian Curry?

We’re definitely all spiced up to get our curry on! To keep the flavour going, we’ve actually organised a little curry cook off amongst ourselves at AYAM™ HQ where everyone will bring in their own unique curry creations to share. Everyone has their own secret curry ingredient so we wonder which one will taste the best.

What would you like to see come out of the Great Australian Curry campaign?

Whether it be Thai Yellow Chicken Curry or Malaysian Rendang, we would like to see more people jump on board to share their curries and band together to make a flavourful impact!

The Great Australian Curry campaign runs throughout October and November and raises much-needed funds to help families leave poverty behind for good.

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