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Building nests for a brighter future

By Opportunity International Australia

Prabha and her husband Paresh own a small business building bird nests in western India. They have a three-year-old daughter Nakshita who attends the local pre-school in the village. They live in a simple pakka house, with two rooms and a kitchen.

Prabha and her family

“I was fond of birds and to pursue my interest and make a living at the same time, I started making bird nests for a bird nest manufacturer,” said Prabha. “I honed my skills while working but soon realised that the amount of Rs.200-300 (A$3.78-5.67) I was earning per day was not enough to support my family.”

Prabha decided to start her own nest-making business and took out a loan with one of Opportunity International Australia’s partners to buy the raw materials to start.

The decision has since paid off as I now earn Rs.700-800 (A$13.23-15.12) approximately a day. I can fully support my family and I am very happy doing work that I love.”

Prabha with her birds nests

Their business grew and Prabha and Paresh have hired an extra hand to help them with the business.

They make up to 3000 bird nests a month, so are very busy. They sell the bird nests on the local highway. There are 15 shops on the highway that purchase the bird nests from Prabha to on-sell to their customers.

Business is better in the winter and summer months as the birds need protection from the extreme heat and cold. Customers who buy the nests decorate or hang them in their houses, or on farms they hang them outside for the native birds to have shelter.

Prabha, employee, family working on birds nests

Prabha has dreams of expanding their business nationwide.

We want to give a better education to our daughter and this loan has helped us to do this as our earnings are better now."

Prabha’s goal is for Nakshita to have a good education and be independent when she grows up.

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