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World news on the fight to alleviate poverty – follow innovations in microfinance, technology and community development that are changing lives in developing countries.

Decisions That Change Lives

by Emily Nicola

Last week, Opportunity’s inaugural Mother’s Day event series came to a close. Why Mother’s Day events? Because mothers are the core of who we serve at Opportunity. A huge 94% of Opportunity’s loan recipients are women, women who use small loans to build businesses and earn the income they need to help their family leave poverty behind. Sadly, mothers living in poverty are faced with difficult decisions every day as they find themselves unable to provide for their families’ basic needs.…

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Not Without Mercy

by Robert Dunn

On Australia’s doorstep, women, children and men are dying. They’re dying from malnutrition and from diarrhoea. They’re dying during childbirth. They’re dying because they can’t afford medicine, proper meals or shelter to keep them safe and healthy. And they’re dying in their millions every year. If this was happening on the suburban streets of Australia, we’d be doing everything we could to stop it. We’d be calling on the government to do everything they could. We’d be feeding…

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Life Without A Loan

by Opportunity International Australia

Leo loves his mum and she loves him. “She is kind to me,” Leo says. “She tries to buy me medicine when I am sick.” Sadly, love alone cannot feed or provide medicine to Leo, 11, and his brothers and sisters. If it did, none of them would ever be hungry or without medical treatment again. Leo is in Grade 3 at school. He lives in a suburb of Manila in the Philippines. His home is in a slum. But amidst the abject poverty, Leo finds small pleasures. “I like to write,” he says. “I like to…

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Carly Fiorina Steps Down as Global Board Chair of Opportunity International

by Opportunity International

US Board Chair Mark Thompson to assume new role effective immediately Opportunity International Global Board Chair Carly Fiorina today formally announced her U.S. Presidential candidacy. As a result, she is resigning from Opportunity’s Global Board. “Opportunity is unique among nonprofits for their businesslike approach and sustainable client impact,” Fiorina said. “It has been my privilege to serve as their first Global Board Chair. They are in good hands with the many fine global leaders…

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The 10 Qualities Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

by Stephanie Hristovska

Last year, Forbes released the results of a study conducted by Gallup to uncover the 10 traits of successful entrepreneurs. Over 1,000 people were surveyed and I can’t help but think that the results reflect the characteristics of Opportunity loan recipients beautifully! Take a look at the list below and may it remind you that your investment in mothers is bringing dignity, hope and opportunity to them and their families… 1. Business Focus: They base decisions on the potential to turn a profit.…

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Meet Manzi

by Lucinda Needham

Manzi, a mother-of-one from India, lives in the rural town of Nagod in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, where 31.6% of people are reported to live below the poverty line. Sadly, Manzi has lived in abject poverty her entire life. She is unable to read or write and was denied the opportunity to attend school and receive a proper education. As a young girl, Manzi supported her parents and siblings by learning the traditional craft of broom-making, using whatever materials she could find. For poor…

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Hot Off The Press: Insight Newsletter

by Stephanie Hristovska

Autumn is well and truly here and so is the latest issue of Insight! In this issue you can find out how you’re helping 100 farmers in poverty add value to their businesses and increase their profits by exporting ginger to Japan. As the challenges farmers face grow more difficult, linking them to bigger markets gives them a fair go and greater financial security for their families. You can also get to know Najma, Sharlota and Veronica – three mothers who have crafted better futures for their families…

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Let There Be Light

by Jessica Carter

Waking up in India is not like waking up anywhere else. There’s the sound of the rickshaw bell – a flustered brrrring – as it hurtles past your window. There’s the smell of tea, steeped in spices and milk, drifting in from the room next door. There’s the golden light that is unique to South Asia – a hue blended by geography, pollution and the foggy breath of a billion people. And then you step outside. A few weeks ago, I found myself back in India, travelling with Opportunity International…

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More Than Microcredit

by Manna Mostaghim

Through its grassroots investments, microfinance is recognised to offer a trickle-up solution to the problem of poverty. But those who receive small loans still have to operate within the pre-existing conditions of their countries. Inadequate healthcare, education and a lack of transport infrastructure still constrain the ability of families in developing countries to overcome poverty. For example, a 2011 study presented in The Lancet reported that 39 million people in India were pushed into poverty…

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Educate To Alleviate Poverty

by Filiz Casey

One of the most rewarding opportunities for a mother is to send her child to school. The first day is filled with apprehension, sometimes tears, but mostly pride and joy. Mothers also enjoy celebrating when their child finishes school. These are special milestones I have shared with my mother. Things are a little different for families living in poverty. Mothers can find it difficult to provide an education for their children for a number of reasons. The most obvious is affordability, but distance…

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