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Herbie’s Spices urges Aussie families to cook up spicy curries to help end poverty

By Opportunity International Australia

Sydney, 11 September 2018 – Opportunity International Australia is delighted to announce that artisan Australian spice business, Herbie’s Spices, is a proud supporter of its Great Australian Curry fundraising campaign. Herbie’s will provide spicy gifts to encourage families across Australia to cook up a curry, share it with friends and raise funds to help end poverty.

Opportunity International Australia Chief Executive Officer Meredith Scott says, “It’s fabulous that Herbie’s Spices has jumped on board the Great Australian Curry campaign to motivate Aussie families to raise funds so families in developing countries can build income-generating businesses and end the poverty in which they have lived for generations.

“Herbie’s Spices was established 21 years ago by Ian and Liz Hemphill, and they and daughter Kate are the third-generation of Hemphill’s to be in the spice business since the 1950’s. 

“Ian and Liz are rewarding the first 20 people who sign up to host a Great Australian Curry fundraiser with a ‘Flavours of India Spice Kit’.

“They’re also providing ‘Pantry Spice Kits’ and their ‘Herb and Spice Bible—Third Edition’ as prizes for an upcoming Facebook competition promoting the campaign,” she added.

Ian Hemphill is enthusiastic to be giving a boost to the Great Australian Curry. “As most spices originate from developing countries, we’re keen to support a campaign that strives to improve the lives of people in these spice-producing communities. 

“Being in the spice business, and considering the importance of spices in all curries, supporting the Great Australian Curry is a logical fit.

“We’re hoping to contribute to the success of Opportunity’s fundraising campaign, while inspiring cooks to use more spices in their daily meals.

“On our trips to India we’ve visited local schools where just one teacher with a few months of training teaches 80 students in one class ranging from Kindy to Year 6.
“Through this experience we realised how important it is to improve education to help children break the cycle of poverty. 

“An educated farmer’s child will be able to go to college and we hope come back to the family farm with knowledge that will help the family adapt to a more complex world when it comes to food production. 

“We’d love to see Aussie families support families in developing countries who are doing it tough, while enjoying beautifully spiced food,” he says.

To get involved with the Great Australian Curry visit: 

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