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Honouring families living in poverty by cooking up a spicy curry this Anti-Poverty Week

By Opportunity International Australia

16 October 2017 Opportunity International Australia says Australia’s Anti-Poverty Week is the perfect opportunity to cook up a spicy curry and raise funds to help families break the cycle of poverty.

Opportunity Global Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Robert Dunn, says: “One of the goals of Anti-Poverty Week is to get Aussies motivated to hold events to raise funds to help families living in poverty.

“Opportunity is honouring Anti-Poverty Week through its Great Australian Curry fundraising campaign. We ask Aussies to cook up a curry, share it with family and friends and raise funds so that Opportunity can give small loans to families to help them build businesses, earn regular incomes and lift themselves out of poverty.

Allan English, Founder and Executive Chairman of Silver Chef and an Opportunity Council member believes Opportunity’s Great Australian Curry fundraising campaign is ”a fantastic opportunity for Aussies who are not familiar with microfinance to be introduced to it.

“Hosting a curry night gives you the opportunity to share with your friends what you find important in life. Your passion to help families break the cycle of poverty.

“It’s the great taste of the curry and the great taste of life that gives you the chance to share what’s important to you,” he added. 

Matt Hope, CEO Colour Capital and Opportunity Board member says: ”I’d encourage all entrepreneurs to get their thinking caps on and come up with simple ideas for a Great Australian Curry event to raise funds to help families in developing countries make the journey out of poverty.

“Last year, I hosted a dinner at an Indian restaurant for our franchise group in Sydney. Robert Dunn, Opportunity’s CEO, spoke about the way Opportunity provides small loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries to help them build businesses and earn regular incomes.

“Our guys certainly got on board with it straight away. They are all business owners and they instantly recognised what it must feel like for entrepreneurs in developing countries to be given a hand up through small loans from Opportunity. Opportunity’s approach to poverty alleviation resonated with them and they made generous donations.”  

Annie Crawford, Founder and Chairman of Can Too and Opportunity Council member says: “The Great Australian Curry will raise awareness about poverty in developing countries and the way Australian families can help families on their doorstep.

“Hosting a Great Australian Curry dinner is very simple and a great way to build awareness of Opportunity. Having a curry night is a lovely way to entertain friends and raise funds to help families break the poverty cycle.

“Opportunity provides lots of tips for hosting a curry night on its Great Australian Curry website, as well as recipes, flyers, place cards, posters and donation forms.”

Former Australian Test cricketer and Opportunity Council member, Michael Kasprowicz, says: “I’d love Aussie cricket fans to cook up a curry this Anti-Poverty Week, share it with family and friends and raise funds to help families in developing countries receive small loans from Opportunity. I’ve seen firsthand how families in India use the income from their tiny businesses for the basic necessities of life – clean water, nutritious food, safe shelter and education for their children.”

If you’d like to honour Anti-Poverty Week by hosting a Great Australian Curry event click here.

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