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Sneak Peek of Thought-Provoking Films to help Families Living in Poverty Start a Small Business

By Opportunity International Australia

5 August 2016, Sydney, Australia — A special screening of a short film about how a small loan changed a family’s life, Lydia: A Story of Opportunity, will feature at a fundraising event for the microfinance non-profit, Opportunity International Australia, at the Randwick Ritz on 25 August 2016. This loan enabled an Indonesian mother, Lydia, to start a small business and invest in her children’s wellbeing and education after the tragic loss of her husband.

Opportunity Ambassador Zoe Fehlberg, who is organising the event, said: “Lydia’s story is inspiring! It illustrates how a small loan gives a family living in poverty the tools they need to start their own business and begin to leave poverty behind."

“People living in poverty are just like us. They are prepared to work hard to provide for their family; they want what’s best for their children; and sometimes they face unexpected challenges and losses."

“Like us, they sometimes need a hand up to get back on their feet,” she added.

The award winning director of the film, Stefan Hunt, said: “I am a big believer that a hand up and not a hand out is a great method for positive social change."

“When I heard about the work that Opportunity did and the potential to collaborate I was on board with this project immediately."

“Prior to the trip I had heard about Lydia’s story but it wasn’t until I met her and her family that I could feel the impact that a small loan had on their lives. This was the driving force for me and all the crew to create a beautiful film and do her story justice,” he exclaimed.

The internationally acclaimed film on climate change and sustainable futures, This Changes Everything, will also be screened at the event, which includes a tasting of delicious organic wines. This film, which was inspired by Naomi Klein’s international bestseller, This Changes Everything, presents seven powerful portraits of communities on the front lines, from the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond.

To see the event details, click here.

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