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By Opportunity International Australia

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Sydney, 21 August 2017– Opportunity International Australia says World Entrepreneurs’ Day is a time to honour and celebrate the many remarkable entrepreneurs in developing countries who swim against the tide and flourish.

Opportunity Chief Executive Officer, Robert Dunn, says: “Over the years, I’ve been privileged to meet some remarkable entrepreneurs in developing countries who are swimming against the tide and succeeding, despite all odds.

“Like Australian entrepreneurs, those in developing countries are creative, courageous, tenacious, resilient and are determined to build something. They need seed funding to start and grow businesses, just like Australian entrepreneurs, and they take big risks.”

Andy Jamieson, founder and CEO of financial technology business, Advisr and an Opportunity Director, says: “World Entrepreneurs’ Day is a great vehicle for putting the spotlight on entrepreneurs everywhere and for particularly appreciating the challenges of entrepreneurs in developing countries who, while they are doing it tough, relentlessly persevere.

“It’s a mechanism to celebrate entrepreneurs and their crucial role in building enterprises and to particularly appreciate the exceptional courage and resilience of entrepreneurs in developing countries who often beat the odds and succeed in the most difficult circumstances.”

“World Entrepreneurs’ Day puts the spotlight on all entrepreneurs who are putting themselves on the line to create new businesses,” says Matt Hope, CEO Colour Capital and Opportunity Board member. “For me, it’s a tremendous opportunity to celebrate the entrepreneurs in developing countries who work tirelessly to grow small businesses and help their families break the crippling cycle of poverty. I’m intrigued by the confidence of many entrepreneurs in developing countries given their incredibly tough circumstances. Their confidence against all odds.”

According to Founder and Chief Executive Officer of business consultancy Be Business and Opportunity Ambassador, John Hagerty: “Entrepreneurs in developing countries are incredibly inspiring. When you look at the circumstances in which they live you realise just what a tough gig they have.

“The ones I have met are incredibly hard working and dedicated to the betterment of their children and accepting of their own fate - that their own life isn’t going to change much for them personally but they have the capacity to make a better life for their children. They are totally committed to making that happen. They are predominantly focused on generational change and they are ok with that rather than focusing on themselves. It’s incredibly generous and selfless.

“If you’re an entrepreneur making your living out of building a business, you can relate to the power of Opportunity’s microfinance model. Its immense power and sustainability. And the way microfinance leverages your donation – it’s multiplied many times before making its way into the field and then it’s paid back again and again and again so that it can be lent to other entrepreneurs to kick-start businesses or continue building existing start-ups.

“When I decided to support a charity, I was looking for one that made business sense to me and I wanted a personal tie to it. That’s why I support a Community Impact Fund in the Philippines as I can relate to the entrepreneurs and the journey they are on. “I identify with the loan recipients and feel a kindred spirit with them. I can visit them, learn from them and receive regular updates about their progress.

“The families I support in the Philippines are running their businesses as if their lives depend on it because they have no other choice but to relentlessly persevere in the face of great hardship. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to help them on their journey out of poverty,” he added.

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