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4,915,462 families in India are accessing the small loans and financial services that can help them leave poverty behind.

Latest Report: October 2019

Opportunity's partners in India are reaching 4,915,462 families with small loans and financial services. With an average of five in each family, more than 24 million people can break free from the cycle of poverty.

In the past six months, 308,593 more entrepreneurs have been given the opportunity to turn their business ideas into reality. With small loans to grow small businesses, alongside other community development services, your giving is transforming lives for generations to come.

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families accessing financial services

Data to June 2019

*Understand portfolio at risk and operational sustainability

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Our partners in India are seeing continued growth, particularly our newest partners Satya and Pahal.

Over the past six months Opportunity has focused primarily on partners in less well-served markets, including regions such as Rajasthan and Bihar. This helps ensure that we are assisting families who have less access to financial services and that our funding is making a substantial impact.

Our Indian partners are investigating methods of using digital technology to make financial services more accessible. Electronic, cashless transactions allow for partner staff to work more efficiently and safely in rural areas and give clients more freedom with their transactions. All of our partners are engaging with this opportunity.

We continue to explore the best methods of maximising the value of our microfinance platform through non-financial initiatives. More information on these programs can be found in our education and health reports.


Our partners continue to grow at different rates, which requires us to continually evaluate where our support can be the most beneficial. While we strive to see our partners perform at the highest level, our main goal is to grow partners to a point where they no longer need our assistance, which then in turn allows us to focus on building smaller partners up to this stage. The growth our partners have experienced in the past six months is contributing to these conversations with partners in which we determine where we can provide the most value moving forward.

India Microfinance Partner Summary

 Families ReachedLoans Outstanding A$'000Operational SustainabilityPortfolio at Risk >30 days
ESAF 2,118,593 1,088,472 121% 3.8%
CASHPOR 865,022 477,011 126% 0.2%
RGVN (NE) 587,221 261,102 130% 2.0%
SATYA 285,062 134,685 109% 0.7%
PAHAL 231,721 111,737 117% 0.4%
MARGDARSHAK 199,016 64,991 112% 0.3%
SAMBANDH 176,764 66,420 111% 0.8%
ADHIKAR 137,420 48,120 111% 0.7%
SAMHITA 100,153 35,239 142% 0.9%
GO FINANCE 94,098 44,671 125% 0.0%
ANNAPURNA 64,381 34,196 110% 0.1%
SHIKHAR* 27,374 9,613 39%* n/a*
PRAYAS 28,637 7,985 119% 0.3%

*Read our statement on Opportunity's investment with Shikhar

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Impact Stories

Your support is empowering these women—and millions more like them—to create a new future for their families, free from poverty.

"Our stomachs made us learn, so I learned fast!"
– Manda, Nagpur

Manda needed a way to earn an income quickly when her husband died, so she used a small loan to purchase a sewing machine – and learned how to sew.


"I want women to take inspiration and see that they should do business, too."
– Panchfula, Nagpur

Panchfula used her mother's pappadum recipe—and a small loan—to start a thriving pappadum business from her home.


"I feel proud that now, because of me, others get the same opportunities."
– Renju, Kerala

Renju works as a loan officer for Opportunity's parter ESAF, and oversees more than 900 small loan recipients.


"I want my buisness to grow so I can grow my children with good education."
– Santosh, Rajasthan

Santosh used her loan to support her family's marble business—and to give her daughters the choice she never had.


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