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Invest in Buffaloans

A trusted solution building sustainable futures for women and families

Reaching more rural women with buffalo loans

For women living in rural areas in India, there are few employment opportunities, but with a small agricultural loan to buy a buffalo, women like Chetna (pictured above) can become self-sufficient, support their families and transform their futures.

When you invest in a Buffaloan for a woman in rural India, you become part of a trusted solution that brings stability and unlocks her potential. With your generous support, she can feed her family nutritious milk, create a stable income and sustainable future. As loans are repaid, your investment is recycled to create generational change.

In 2023, Opportunity International Australia supported 362 more women in rural India to lead their families out of poverty with Buffaloans. Will you join us in 2024?


Limited industry and infrastructure, the cost of travel and prevailing cultural norms make it challenging for women in rural parts of Western and Northern India to work outside of the home.

India was recently ranked 140th out of 146 countries for women’s participation in the workforce. This inequality is at its worst in rural areas. Far too many women are trapped in the cycle of poverty for want of some capital to unlock their potential.

  • Just 19% of women in India participate in the labour force, versus 70% for men
  • Almost 1 in 2 people in India live below the US$3.65 a day poverty line
  • 4 out of every 10 children in Gujarat suffer from stunting, as a result of malnutrition and other factors.

Why Buffalo loans?

It’s sustainable

98% of Opportunity’s loans have historically been repaid, recycling your donation

It’s smart 

It costs A$1,300 to purchase a quality buffalo. Your $500 donation (with leverage) can help one woman with a buffalo loan.

It’s scalable

While the initial cost is higher, a woman can earn around 70% more for buffalo milk compared to cow’s milk, and upkeep costs are lower

It changes lives

A woman can earn around A$4.50 a day (A$0.98 per litre) from the milk of one buffalo, helping her earn a regular income.


Making her children proud

Chetna is a skilled buffalo farmer based in a remote village near Vijapur in the District of Mahesana, Gujarat. She has two sons and a daughter, Dhirendra, Ankita and Aditya. Her household is now financially sustainable thanks to buffalo loans that have enabled her to build a thriving buffalo dairy business.

But life wasn’t always that way. When Chetna’s children were little her husband suddenly got sick. The family was plunged into crisis, with food scarce they struggled to survive. Chetna felt overwhelmed at having to raise three children alone. Providing food, clothing and schooling for them was near impossible, given every cent was spent on her husband’s medicine.

With the help of a small loan, which she used to buy a buffalo and build her business, Chetna now has three buffalos. She sells buffalo milk in her community, keeping some of the nutritious milk to feed her family. The future is so much brighter.

Read Chetna's story >

When a person’s entrepreneurial potential is released, we see a great deal of empowerment. They are more confident, take up a more prominent role in their communities and become a key decision-maker in their families. They are empowered to choose a better life for their children.”

David Bussau, founder of Opportunity International


Reaching more rural women, together

Family by family, village by village, will you join us to unlock potential for rural women with buffalo loans? With your support, Opportunity aims to meet rising demand and provide 1,000 new Buffaloans to women in rural India in 2024.

Will you join us and create opportunities for families to leave poverty behind?




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Opportunity International Australia is committed to protecting your privacy and complies with Australian Privacy Laws. We may use your details to send you program updates showing the impact of your support, invitations to events and requests for donations. To find out more about how we collect, store, use and disclose personal information and how you can access and correct it, view our Privacy Policy.

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