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Help families
live in safety

Domestic violence prevention training provides valuable education and counselling, while human trafficking prevention programs help communities recognise and prevent exploitation.

1 in 3 women in India experience domestic violence.

1 in 2

Domestic violence is all too common in so many households – so common that many women aren't aware of their legal right to live without abuse. In communities where women have little control over their lives and family environments, women and children seeking to flee from domestic violence often have nowhere safe to go.

Girls living in poverty are frequently targeted by sex trafficking rings with promises of schooling, jobs or marriage. Parents often do not have the means or knowledge to determine whether the promise is legitimate—or to identify traffickers, which are often family friends or relatives—and mistakenly believe they are giving their children a better future.

All women and children have the right to live in safety.

Opportunity is dedicated to fostering safe community environments and ending the horrors of human trafficking.

In collaboration with partner MyChoices, the PeaceMaker program trains local women to identify other women who are experiencing domestic violence, and to stand alongside them as they find peaceful solutions.

The Red Alert program aims to end sex trafficking in India by 2025 by filling the biggest gap in existing response—prevention. Opportunity is equipping fathers, mothers, sons and daughters with the knowledge and tools to prevent trafficking in their communities so that children can live lives free from violence, abuse and exploitation.

Together we can help families live safe, healthy lives.

As of June 2021, we've reached 

43,036 women

who have benefited from our safety programs

“You are not good enough for our son”
“You did not bring any dowry”
“You come from such a poor background”

Prasad* began beating Shanti* soon after their wedding. Encouraged by his father, the beatings began over minor disagreements but escalated when Prasad’s poor financial management left them broke.

Despite the constant abuse, and Shanti needing to work two jobs to help pay back the debts her husband had accumulated in their names, Shanti fought to save the marriage, even after Prasad asked for a divorce. The couple went through long periods of separation and reconciliation, but the abuse only continued. Shanti’s neighbours became increasingly concerned for her wellbeing, approaching her in secret and giving her money to help her flee to safety.

But Shanti’s family home was not a safe place. Her parents refused to support her, and her in-laws threatened to kill her relatives if she would not ‘behave’. With nowhere to go, Shanti approached the local police who, thanks to our partnership with local police services, referred her to a PeaceMaker Counselling Centre.

Her PeaceMaker recalls that, in their first session, Shanti listened intently to the definition of abuse and her legal rights; things she had never heard before. She decided to proceed with the divorce and fight for a life free from abuse.

Shanti’s case is continuing. She still works two jobs to pay off the shared debt she has with Prasad, and the divorce court proceedings are ongoing.

Shanti has grown in confidence and self-esteem, but she still has a long road ahead of her. Her local PeaceMaker Counselling Centre continues to walk with her, offering support and helping her access the services she needs to secure her safety and independence.

*names changed for privacy

In this webinar hear from Elca Grobler, founder and director of My Choices Foundation, about human trafficking and domestic violence prevention in India.

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