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Stories Remy

In the Philippines, Remy used a microfinance loan to start a piggery and earn an income to send her children to school.

City: Nueva Ecija
Country: Philippines
Loan Use: Starting a pig farm

When their two daughters, Amina and Drina, were young, Remy and her husband Bienvenido were not able to earn enough to provide them with proper meals or a full education. At the start of each school year, Amina and Drina would take their old school books and sew any blank pages back together in order to have something to write on in class. There were even days when the family would run out of food to eat and they would be forced to go to bed hungry.

Opportunity International Client Remy

“I don’t like to cry because of those times in the past. I didn’t have anything and I couldn’t buy things for my children. I was not able to provide food or education. It was very hard,” Remy says.

Thanks to the support of someone like you, Remy was able to use a small loan of Php.5,000 (A$123) to purchase three piglets. “I used the loan to buy piglets and this changed everything. My life has changed very much.”

With the income from their new business, Remy and Bienvenido were able to pay for their daughters to attend high school. Then both their children went on to university, with Amina getting a scholarship to graduate from the Ohio Wesleyan University in the United States.

Opportunity International Client Remy

“I told my children go and study, I will support you. I am so grateful for these opportunities.”

It’s your giving that can help more mothers like Remy start their own business and dream of better futures for their children. You can provide a hand up through a small loan here.

It was a loan of just $123 that changed my family’s life. But any amount can make a difference. Whatever you are able to give, I know it will mean so much to families who have no one else.

Amina, Remy’s daughter

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