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Supanti’s children continue to learn with a loan

By Opportunity International Australia

For Supanti, a hardworking mother in Central Java, Indonesia, a school fee loan is enabling her three children to go to school.

Supanti sells fruits and vegetables for a living, while her husband, Trianto, works as a driver. Their income pays for the family’s daily needs – things like food and household needs. Like many families just making ends meet, the idea of having a large lump sum for school fees to pay at the start of each year seemed near impossible. There simply was not enough money.

“For payments with larger amounts, I often experience difficulties,” said Supanti. “Before [the loan], there were difficulties with the higher amounts of education costs or payments which had a specific time period.”

Tri Supanti

The family used the loan from Opportunity’s local partner in Indonesia to pay school fees and buy books. Their eldest son Janggan (14) is in junior high, Tristan (8) is in primary school and Rafa (5) is in kindergarten.

With an education, they’ll be walking into brighter futures, filled with hope and opportunity.

“Children must keep learning at school, whatever their parents’ economic condition,” said Supanti.

The important thing is that I motivate them to be more successful than their parents. Education is preparing my children’s future.”

Ibu Supanti and her family

Education is a human right and Quality Education is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Access to a quality education is one of the most powerful tools to improve a child’s future and stop the cycle of poverty.

According to the United Nations, an estimated 300 million children and young people will still lack basic numeracy and literacy skills by 2030.

With school fee loans and improved quality of education through EduFinance, Opportunity is working towards the SDG of Quality Education. Thanks to the generosity of Opportunity supporters, children like Janggan, Tristan and Rafa can attend school and create a future free from poverty.

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