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Mama Ovi’s determination to educate her children

By Opportunity International Australia

In Indonesia, Mama Ovi leads a simple life. She sells yellow rice and cakes in the school canteen, and her husband works as a driver. 

Her rice and cake business, though modest, has helped provide for her family and is a great supplement to her husband's income. However, school fees were an expense that was just out of reach.

Mama Ovi and her young son, LeonMama Ovi and her young son, Leon, who live in Indonesia

Mama Ovi was determined to send her youngest child, Leon, to a good kindergarten. Even though the family had financial challenges, Mama Ovi never saw education as an investment for her child's future. For her, education is the key that will open the gate to a better future and help Leon succeed. 

She took out a school fee loan with Opportunity’s local partner in Indonesia and was able to pay the fees for Leon to start kindergarten.

Mama Ovi, Leon and a loan officerThanks to a small loan from our local partner, KOMIDA, the future looks bright

Mama Ovi believes that despite the challenges her family has faced, there is always a way to overcome them. She instills in her children strong values such as the importance of hard work, perseverance and integrity. She is a living example that when one has a clear goal and determination, nothing is impossible.

“Education is a long-term investment that will bring positive changes in our lives” - Mama Ovi.

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