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Your Impact in Asia

Panchafula, small loan client in India

5.8 million families
sustainable livelihoods

Sunita, health leader and green thumb in India

5.42 million people
reached by
health leaders

Sapna, community school principal in India

536,360 kids
benefitting from
better education


Follow the link to each report to read the latest to December 2018 and meet the families you're helping.

Creating Livelihoods for Families in Asia

5.8 million families across Asia are growing their small businesses so their children can live in a safe home, eat better food and go to school.  

Empowering women as health leaders in Asia

4,338 health leaders are building healthier communities across Asia.

Educating Future Leaders in Asia

536,360 children in India are benefitting from better education.

Educating Future Leaders in Ghana

49 young people in Ghana are well on their way to finishing the three-year youth apprenticeship program.

Delivering Innovation: Digital Inclusion Asia

Families in the Philippines can now access digital financial services.

Delivering Innovation: Graduation Ultra Poor

Over 400 families in the Philippines have a hand to hold over three years as they leave ultra poverty behind.

Stopping Violence Against Women in India

101,626 women and girls have been educated through Operation PeaceMaker.

Stopping Sex Trafficking by Keeping Girls Safe in India

1,476,074 people educated to prevent trafficking with Operation Red Alert.

Enhance Impact: Social Performance Management

We're committed to helping families make the journey out of poverty in the most effective and responsible ways possible.