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Ways to give In Memory Of A Loved One

Born to Frank and Joan Groube, Geoffrey Robert Groube grew up to marry his High School sweetheart Joan before having three children – Wendy, Simon and Julie.

He worked for many years as a Marketing Manager with a scientific and industrial instrumentation business, preparing annual reports and other materials. He enjoyed the work, but Geoff’s most significant role was to come.

After a time of personal growth, counselling and healing, Geoff’s life changed for good when he met Jesus. Becoming a Christian, Geoff embraced his renewed life. He took on the position of Deacon for Croydon Hills Baptist Church, studied Christian Counselling and attended various groups that taught him how to live life as a man of God in today’s world. He went on to become a lead Counsellor at Crossway Baptist Church, serving there for a number of years before setting up a private practice of his own.

Geoff was a peaceful and loving person who had found joy and contentment. Thankful for the support he had experienced in his own life, Geoff felt called to become a full-time Christian Counsellor. Acknowledging what Christ had done in his own life, he wanted to help others change and grow in the grace of Jesus. While it was sometimes difficult, Geoff was a great counsellor, and he showed people that there was always hope. A member of the Professional Counsellors Association, Geoff was honoured when fellow Counsellors would recommend him to their clients when they knew he could make a difference.

Geoff loved fishing and sport – he played and loved watching football, cricket, tennis, golf and lawn bowls. In fact, just about any sport he would have a go at he enjoyed – and did well at. We used to laugh and say that any sport that involved a ball, Geoff would want to play and watch. He loved the challenge of the game, he had great hand/eye co-ordination and he liked to win!

Geoff met his wife June and they were married soon after. They encouraged each other in their Christian life and spent 15 years of life together. June was never happier than the years she had with Geoff as her husband – they were a great team, encouraging one another to grow and become confident, strong people.

Together they travelled to many different places, loving the world that they saw. When they travelled as short-term missionaries they grew both individually and as a couple, deepening their faith as God touched their hearts for His work. The missionary experiences they had were life-changing, and they were grateful to be able to support those in the mission field and the work of the Church in the community. Being generous with what he had was a must for Geoff. They had a plan for after retirement to head back to the mission field to minister to front line missionaries in order for them to continue their work.

Life took another turn when Geoff found out he had cancer. Living with it for more than five years, Geoff suffered with pain almost daily but tried to be as active as he could and keep a positive attitude. Geoff and June grew even stronger as a couple, and their support for each other kept growing deeper and deeper. It was only a few weeks before Geoff died that he slowed down and had to stop the activities he enjoyed, with the exception of attending Church. Geoff attended Church until the last week of his life.

Today, Geoff is in Heaven with God. He is no longer suffering. It is a huge relief for June to know that his health ordeal is over. She misses Geoff more than can be expressed. Being able to say “His suffering is over and one day I will be with him again,” keeps her going.

Geoff touched many people’s lives. God used him in so many ways and we pray that God will continue to touch people through Geoff’s life.

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