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Forging a stronger future for her children

By Opportunity International Australia

Thirty-three-year-old Dia has big dreams for her four children, and they can aspire to a better future too, thanks to Dia and her husband’s hard work and a boost from a small loan. When Dia heard that Opportunity’s local partner Bina Artha Ventura (BAV) opened a new branch inthe nearby town of Tugumulyo she saw an opportunity to expand their family’s business.

Dia and her family in South SumatraDia lives with her family in a rural area of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Her husband Alimin is a blacksmith, making equipment for agricultural and household use, including kitchen knives, sickles and machetes used for harvesting. Dia assists her husband in his workshop and handles sales. She also takes care of the household and her children, who span in age from one to 14 years old.

With a loan of R[. 3 million (A$300) Dia and her husband bought additional materials to increase production and can now sell to new markets in Bengkulu, Palembang and Jambi in South Sumatra. Dia and her husband hope to keep expanding their business and sell in other nearby cities.

Dia and her husband blacksmithingUsing her husband's skills as a blacksmith, Dia runs sales and helps with their business operations

“My hope is for my children to be a success with the help of my business,” Dia said. “My aspirations for my four children are, first, to educate them as much as I can.”

My children have these high aspirations because they see their parents working hard for their future. They want to be a police officer, soldier, and teacher because their parents work hard. So, they can dream for their future. If God wills, their dreams will come true.

Bringing new opportunities to rural South Sumatra

There are still many remote and rural communities in Indonesia where women don’t have access to financial services – limiting their potential to earn a sustainable income and determine their futures. In 2023 we had the ambitious goal of funding the establishment of three new microfinance branches in areas of high need in South Sumatra. Fifteen Australian families and businesses answered the call, collectively funding the establishment of new microfinance branches: in Tugumulyo, North Lubuklinggau and East Lubuklinggau.

By 31 December, the three branches were collectively supporting 1,876 women and families with access to capital to start and grow small businesses. There were 23 new jobs were created too, hiring people in South Sumatra as loan officers, branch managers and administrative staff.

Over the coming years, the new branches will open up business opportunities for more women in the local community – women like Dia. These businesses will enable them to feed their families nutritious food, send their children to school, and improve their quality of life. And we’ll be creating more jobs in the local community for branch staff.

Indonesia Director Simon Lynch with Indonesian Microfinance client SupantiIndonesia Director Simon Lynch with Supanti, who sells fresh fruit and vegetables with help from a loan.

By creating three new branches in South Sumatra, Opportunity’s supporters are helping reach a whole new region in Indonesia and bringing opportunities to women and families who would otherwise struggle to access financing and achieve their potential. The impact will be felt for generations in these communities. - Simon Lynch, Indonesia Director, Opportunity International Australia.

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