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Thanks to your support, 1,119,662 families in Indonesia are accessing the small loans and financial services that can help them leave poverty behind.

Latest Report: October 2019

Opportunity's partners in Indonesia are currently reaching 1,119,662 families with small loans and financial services. With an average of five in each family, your giving is helping more than 5.5 million people break free from the cycle of poverty.

In the past six months your support has given 101,049 more entrepreneurs the opportunity to turn their business ideas into reality. With small loans to grow small businesses, alongside other community development services, your giving is transforming lives for generations to come.

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Data to June 2019

*Understand portfolio at risk and operational sustainability

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In the first half of 2019, Opportunity’s partners in Indonesia have seen strong growth across the board. Komida and TLM in particular continue to grow quickly, with TLM, a partner operating in extremely isolated areas, recently hitting the milestone of 100,000 clients.

Our Indonesian partners are expanding their services into more remote areas, including Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Sumatra. By expanding their geographical spread, our partners are ensuring that they are able to reach families in remote areas who generally have less access to financial services than those in more populated regions.

All partners are piloting the use of digital technology to make financial services more accessible. Paperless methods of data collection will enable our partners to operate more efficiently and safely in rural areas and give clients more freedom with their transactions.

We continue to explore the best methods of maximising the value of our microfinance platform through non-financial initiatives. More information on these programs can be found in our education and health reports.


With the rapid growth of our Indonesian partners comes the challenge of insufficient staffing; particularly in middle management. To combat this, Opportunity is working with our partners to develop online resources that will help prepare staff for promotions into middle management roles. The online training focuses on upskilling existing staff and internally promoting into positions of leadership, allowing new staff to be recruited into junior roles.

Indonesia Microfinance Partner Summary

 Families ReachedLoans Outstanding A$'000Operational SustainabilityPortfolio at Risk >30 days
KOMIDA 621,652 125,911 111% 0.5%
BAV 361,129 100,515 113% 3.5%
TLM Co-operative 96,593 15,716 126% 0.1%
YCAB 40,288 4,600 108% 6.3%

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Impact Stories

Your support is empowering these women—and millions more like them—to create a new future for their families, free from poverty.

"I hope my children can now be successful."
– Oktavin, Rote Island

A savvy business idea and a small loan helped Oktavin start a grilled fish business that quadrippled her family's income.


"I can now put aside money to build a better home."
– Meri, Sumba

Meri used a small loan to purchase thread and materials for her tailoring business and start a vegetable stall.


"Now my daughter can go to school."
– Hona, Sumba

A small loan allowed Hona to double her production of traditional sarongs—and her income—so she can educate her children.


"Soon we can move out of my parents' home."
– Yustina, West Timor

Yustina runs a kiosk in front of her parents' house selling rice and essentials, allowing her to save for a home with her husband and daughter.


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