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Your impact
through education

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Thanks to your support, 1,030,515 children in Asia are benefiting from better education.

Latest Report: October 2019

Your support is driving sustainable change as Opportunity works together with community school leaders, parents and students to overcome one of the most prevalent obstacles families face – providing quality education for their children. In areas where even the most basic government education requires upfront fee payment, this support is crucial.

Our suite of Education Finance (EduFinance) products ease the pressure of school fees for parents, help school leaders invest in school upgrades, and protect students during times of uncertainty. With access to credit, community schools can access new technology, improve pedagogy practices, or build better facilities to enhance the learning experience. Along with investing in infrastructure, schools in our Education Quality program are equipped with the knowledge and support to systematically improve the quality of education they offer.

Thanks to your support, Opportunity's program partners in Asia are providing better education to 1,030,515 children. With this education, children can be empowered to take on better jobs, earning sustainable incomes and breaking free from the cycle of poverty for good.

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active education loans
to schools and parents
children in Asia benefiting
from better education (CCI)*
value of loans currently helping children
access better education

Data to June 2019

*Understand Cumulative Child Impact


Opportunity’s partners in EduFinance currently have 49,800 active loans in Asia. This includes both school fee loans and school improvement loans, offered through long-standing program partner ESAF as well as our more recent partners, Indian School Finance Company (ISFC) and Shiksha.

EduFinance has now benefited 1,013,015 children in India, helping these families break the cycle of poverty through education. Our cumulative child impact* in Asia has grown rapidly in the past six months, almost double the number of children now benefiting.

Representatives from ESAF attended the recent 2019 EduFinance Conference in Uganda that brought together more than 25 financial institutions that offer education-focused loans. The conference provided the opportunity for shared learning across the sector.


While demand for education loans has grown, the uptake of our complementing Education Quality program has been slower than previously expected. We are trialling new methods to make this program more available—and more attractive—to the schools that can benefit from it most.


Pakistan has one of the highest rates of primary-aged children not in school. To combat this, Opportunity recently welcomed new partners SAFCO and Kashf to the EduFinance program to begin EduFinance programs in Pakistan. The partnership has now helped 17,500 children access better education, and we look forward to seeing continued growth for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

With new partner Kashf, Opportunity is piloting the EduQuality program in Pakistan with 150 affordable private schools across Lahore, Gujranwala and Faisalabad. Through the pilot, schools will complete a self-assessment to evaluate school quality, create a school development plan, and receive training in specified areas.

Education Partner Summary, Asia

 Number of loansValue of loansCumulative Child Impact (CCI)*
ISFC  3,497  $77,238,722  262,858
ESAF  30,770  $4,667,440  257,770
Shiksha  15,533  $15,717,365  492,387
SAFCO  41  $38,774  3,250
KASHF  1,521  $1,175,195  14,250


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Impact Stories

Your support is empowering these women—and millions more like them—to create a new future for their families, free from poverty.

"I spend everything on my daughters’ education."
– Sindhu, Nagpur

Sindhu and Sikkander knew they wanted to educate all of their five daughters, no matter what the cost. Taking out yearly school fee loans made this education possible.


"Starting this school was my dream."
– Sapna, Gorewada

Growing up, Sapna knew that, by attending school, she was more fortunate than most. As an adult—and now school Principal—she is dermined to give every child that opportunity.


"My daughter came first in the whole school!"
– Madhuri, Nagpur

Madhuri used to worry about how they would afford school fees for her children, Ria (4) and Yesh (5). Thanks to a school fee loan, she doesn’t worry about that any longer.


"Thank you for understanding what we wanted."
– Charanjeet, Dongargarh

Charanjeet's youngest son, Mandeep, is a talented student with dreams of becoming an engineer. A school fee loan is making his dreams possible.

MEET Charanjeet

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