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Thanks to your support, 2,205,832 community members are benefitting from trafficking prevention measures across India.

Latest Report: March 2020

Every day, Opportunity International Australia works with more than six million women living in Asia, investing in mothers with small loans to create community transformation. However, when women continually face violence in their homes and communities, the life-changing benefits of small loans and financial support are hindered.

India ranks among the four worst countries in the world for frequency and severity of violence against women. That’s why Opportunity is committed to helping end violence toward women while protecting children from the dangers of human trafficking in India. Through our partnership with My Choices Foundation and thanks to your generous support, women and children are being given the choice to live lives free from violence, abuse and exploitation.

Learn how our safety program works

Safe Village Programs in some
of India’s most vulnerable villages
community members benefiting
from safe village training
calls for assistance
on the Red Alert helpline

Data to December 2019

Operation Red Alert


As part of Operation Red Alert, the Safe Village Program is addressing trafficking in India by teaching vulnerable girls and their families how to identify and avoid human trafficking situations. Over the past six months, the number of individuals benefiting from Operation Red Alert has increased by 432,174 individuals in these vulnerable communities.

India’s first national helpline dedicated exclusively to handling human trafficking cases—advertised in high-risk villages through the Safe Village Program—received 36,003 calls for assistance, with 251 cases of human trafficking being reported. The helpline is a collaborative effort that includes some of India’s most reputable anti-trafficking organisations, and helps provide assistance to callers that would otherwise have nowhere else to turn.


Operation PeaceMaker


Operation PeaceMaker provides the knowledge and support required to help women and children live lives free from domestic violence and abuse. Over the past six months, the number of individuals benefiting from the PeaceMaker program increased by 24,210 individuals in these vulnerable communities.

The PeaceMaker program incorporates three main objectives: prevention, intervention, and conversation. Through school programs, young people are trained on their rights to stay safe from abuse, violence and exploitation and provided with tools to help keep them safe. To date, more than 61,049 youths have received essential safety information through these programs. 

As part of Operation PeaceMaker, the Lotus Safe Home provides emergency accommodation for survivors of domestic violence. The home can accommodate up to 12 women and their children while counsellors help find alternative housing.

Funding provided during 2019 allowed for the purchase of basic facilities (mattresses, pillows and bedding) for the Lotus Safe Home and the installation of CCTV cameras.

The heart of the PeaceMaker program includes training women to become PeaceMakers. These PeaceMakers provide rights education and referrals to counselling for victims of abuse and violence, empowering them to seek healthy solutions. To date, 8,828 cases have been handled by PeaceMakers across India.

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This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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Impact Stories

Your support is empowering millions of women and children to live in safety, and training community members to take better care of the vulnerable. These are some of their stories.
For their safety, names have often been changed and locations generalised.

Elca Grobler, founder of My Choices Foundation, shared with us how the work of My Choices is helping make communities safer for women and children.


Sisters Sumi (18) and Sadhita (19)* became a part of the Operation PeaceMaker program by accident. But it gave them the chance to write a new future for themselves.


When a woman from their community came to Saidul with a marriage proposal for his 16-year-old daughter, Saidul thought it sounded like a good opportunity. Marriage preparations were well underway when Operation Red Alert’s Safe Village Program came to Saidul’s village.


"I discovered strength, independence and peace during my training."
– Maheshwari, India

Maheshwari runs awareness workshops throughout her local community and provides support to women who are experiencing domestic violence.


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